We’ve asked some of our Franchisees what they think of Coastal Anlger Magazine Franchise, Inc. and here’s what they had to say.

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Smoky Mountains

“I’m a retired veteran and was looking for a way to make a living in the fishing industry. I picked up a copy of the The Angler Magazine while hiking the Appalachian Trail with my son and thought, this is something I should consider. I called Ben Martin and mentioned I had no publishing experience, and within 2 months I was trained and publishing my own Smoky Mountains Edition of The Angler Magazine. And have been very successful.

If you like the outdoors and fishing and are comfortable in making a sale, this is the industry for you! And you can make a good living doing it!”

Joe Woody

Great Smoky Mountains Co-Publisher

Fort Myers, FL

“I’ve owned the Fort Myers edition of Coastal Angler Magazine for a little over three years. Before that I worked in the insurance and teaching fields. I love that this job gives me the opportunity to get out and meet new people on a regular basis. I don’t like being in an office every day from 9:00-5:00. There are no meetings every Friday afternoon like in my previous jobs.

You’re your own boss.

You get out of it what you put into it. If you work hard, you get to reap the rewards.”

Nadeen Welch

Fort Myers & Naples Co-Publisher

Sarasota, FL

“I’ve owned my Coastal Angler Franchise for over 3 years. Prior to that, I was Principal & Managing Director of a Financial Services Company for 25+ Years. I love having the ability to interface with many different types of businesses, develop advertising strategies to help clients grow their brand and business, network with many different types of industry leaders, and being part of the solution to my clients’ success.

I’m fortunate to be part of an industry that allows me to work in the field that I personally enjoy – boating & fishing – while having complete control over how I grow my business, branding myself within my community, and having a product that no one else has – national, regional, and local content that I constantly hear our readership say:

I love your magazine!

Being a part of this franchise system provides the opportunity to be part of a respected National publication without trying to produce or reinvent the content that we publish as a group. It would be impossible to replicate a publication with so much diversification and information that our readership looks forward to each month.

This franchise system has allowed an exit strategy for me from my Financial Services business while providing a method to start up a new enjoyable and financially rewarding business quickly.”

Phil Prevoir

Sarasota Co-Publisher

Charlotte, NC

“Thank you for encouraging me to acquire the Charlotte franchise. I am absolutely having a ball running the magazine. I don’t believe there’s any other profession that I would ever want to be involved in. Looking back, I can’t believe I was so nervous about putting my first edition together. You and everyone else at the corporate office were correct. It wasn’t that difficult and now after getting several editions under my belt, it’s actually kind of fun.

I thought you should know that everywhere I go, almost every day someone comes up to me and says: Man I love your magazine!

Thanks again for the good training and solid support. I really feel like I’m part of something special.”

Mark Alberghini

Charlotte Co-Publisher

Treasure Coast & Bahamas


“Both of us were acquainted with Coastal Angler Magazine as advertisers before entertaining the opportunity to become franchise owners. The transition to ownership was easy, training and support materials are readily available, and the Coastal Angler Magazine culture is an easy one to adopt. Owning the Bahamas franchise allows us to capitalize on our existing relationships in the country, spread the fishing-boating-conservation message, and spend more time on the water, while financially profiting from doing what we love!”

Gary & Misti Guertin



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