Coastal Angler and The Angler Magazine’s are two of the largest and most successful outdoor publications in the U.S.  It all started in Melbourne, Florida in 1995.
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Magazine Timeline 1995

In the Spring of 1995…

The first edition of Coastal Angler Magazine was published for Brevard County, Florida. Since then Coastal Angler Magazine has established itself as a highly respected localized monthly publication.

Magazine Timeline 2008

Coastal Angler Franchise Begins

Coastal Angler Magazine Franchising Inc. adopted this successful business model and began franchising.
Over the next few years, the elevated standards promoted by Coastal Angler Magazine and its franchisee group have enabled the publication to be considered an industry leader.

Magazine Timeline 2011

The Angler Magazine Introduced

In 2011, Coastal Angler Magazine introduced The Angler Magazine to meet the demand for freshwater interior markets. These freshwater markets have been as successful as the coastal markets.

Magazine Timeline 2014

Online Advertising Introduced

In 2014 Coastal Angler Franchising, Inc. began selling online advertising, creating a new platform with untapped target markets and possibilities. 

Magazine Timeline 2018

10 Years of Franchise Success

Our growth and success through franchising has exploded.  Our circulation has grown to over 350,000 monthly publications.  With our online presence, Coastal Angler reaches over 1 Million fishing enthusiasts every month.  

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The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to bring to the public a…

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Thoughtful publication,

That provides newsworthy & entertaining information

Pertinent to the marine & fishing industries,

And to do so within the format of a free monthly magazine.

Each issue of Coastal Angler and The Angler Magazine is designed and formatted to be informative and enjoyable reading geared toward the outdoors enthusiast.

The day-to-day operations of all Coastal Angler and The Angler Magazine franchise locations consistently follow a tried and proven system that ensures the coordinated actions of each member of the business team. Coastal Angler Magazine Franchising distinguishes itself as a team of co-publishers working both together and separately to publish free print and online magazines while partnering with local, statewide and national businesses in an effort to expand their profits and sustain their business both today and into the future.

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