No matter what business you choose to franchise — you can’t do it alone. You’ll need people to work along with you to make your business a success. One of the most vital parts of a successful franchise is your sales team. Here are a few tips for building a winning team that will take your franchise to the top.

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This goes without saying, but a winning sales team must be comprised of experienced, skilled candidates who really know what they’re doing, and are committed to doing it well. To find these people for your team, think outside the box. Those with extensive franchise experience will be valuable, but perhaps there are marketing experts, former franchisees or former executives who could lend their unique experience to your team, helping other team members grow and providing invaluable knowledge to your business.

Branch Out Of Sales

Encourage your sales team to branch out rather than just following a script. Have them become familiar with every aspect of your business, including daily operations and other individuals or teams that keep your business running. A sales team who is knowledgeable and understands your brand is a valuable resource, and can take your numbers to the next level with new sales techniques based on their insight.

Encourage Team Building

Strengthen the dynamic of your sales team by doing regular team-building activities and bonding exercises. Have fun together—celebrate birthdays, hitting sales goals, and random Tuesday afternoons. A strong sales team is one that thrives and knows how to have fun with each other. Aside from these critical values, team building will increase accountability within the business.

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Your sales team is what makes your business run and grow. Build a strong one, and you’ll set your franchise on the sure path to success. For more franchising tips and to discover our unique franchising opportunities, contact the Coastal Angler today!

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By Hannah Rosenboom – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing